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Thread: The lack of NOT gates
02-23-2005 12:37 PM
RE: The lack of NOT gates
Hi Matt,

Sorry, but for the time-being if NOT gates are important to your MEng degree project, you will have to use one of the commercially-available packages.

There is no reason why OpenFTA should not support NOT gates in the future, if this work can be funded. We recognise your (Loughborough) university's expertise in this area and perhaps it can contribute this to the OpenFTA product open source initiative.

Formal Software Construction Ltd
02-23-2005 10:52 AM
The lack of NOT gates
Does anyone know how to use NOT gates in open FTA? I can't seem to find them and need to set up a non coherent fault tree structure. If anyone knows where they are or any type of add on code or upgrade that has been developed to use these qualitatively then I would be most gratefull for the help as this will save me loads of time doing manual manipulation for my Meng Aero project.