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Thread: Probability vs Failure Rate
08-30-2013 07:32 AM
RE: Probability vs Failure Rate

same with me. Failurerate seems not to work in any way.

maybe in the event, it is just to mark it?
06-1-2013 12:10 AM
RE: Probability vs Failure Rate
Try using Windows Classic theme. That fixes many graphical/visual pathologies with the GUI.
04-10-2013 11:25 AM
RE: Probability vs Failure Rate
in report of Monte Carlo simulation we have "Estimated probability"
how software calculated this?
when we have a primary event with probability, after generating of
random number( between 0 , 1), this will be comprised with probability
of primary event and set true(occurred). so number of failure
calculated by above method. "Importance" is dividing "Number of
failure to runs with at least one event become failed.
how software calculate "Estimated probability"?
is it dividing "number of failure" to all runs?
03-6-2013 12:57 AM
Probability vs Failure Rate
The primary event database allows for definition of a basic event using probability. But I've not been able to enter failure rate even though there is a reference under probability named "constant failure rate/unit time"

The OpenFTA Manual v1 p.22 states that a toggle button exists to allow failure rate data to be entered rather than probability. But I have not been able to locate the location of that toggle button.

When I click on the phrase "constant failure rate/unit time", it highlights, but nothing changes to allow the entry to change.

What am I not seeing correctly?